Telemedicine Plays a Vital Role in Healthcare Delivery for Oil Rig Workers

The admonition today by the Health and Safety Executive that organizations in the North Sea oil and gas industry should improve their security records is convenient.

Despite the fact that it was not in the North Sea, the debacle on the Deepwater Horizon stage in the Gulf of Mexico in which 11 specialists passed on was an unmistakable token of the requirement for consistent carefulness over rig security. Risks are at any point present seaward and laborers on even the most secure seaward apparatuses are vulnerable to wounds and high paces of respiratory and cardiovascular sickness.

Far off expert exhortation by means of videoconferencing improves the nature of seaward medical care and diminishes avoidable medical departures. A 50-mile medevac by helicopter can cost £5,000-£10,000, so telemedicine or telehealth monitoring devices with far off observing and demonstrative hardware is turning into the favored choice now that boring apparatuses and oil stages are outfitted with Internet and satellite associations.

Present day cooperation innovation carries the expert to the patient without the need to be shipped coastal. With the assistance of video discussion and combination with medical conclusion hardware, medical experts can lead distant conferences utilizing best in class video interchanges. This permits them to make a precise conclusion with the guide of the attendant or crisis medical expert based seaward.

On-the-spot conclusion, not a trade for medical services experts

Transmission of completely clear pictures and amazing sound gives the specialist the feeling of being in a similar room as the patient – however just barely. Innovation can’t communicate tangible discernments and can’t consequently supplant medical care experts who genuinely take care of the patient; notwithstanding, what it can do is stretch out the doctor’s judgment to the distant area and bring specialists and other medical experts ‘into the room’ when required.

Far off checking help on board seaward oil rigs
The tenacious pursuit for high security guidelines is foremost; the test to improve wellbeing will be significantly more noteworthy as HSE leaders are hoping to make a better and more beneficial labor force. Convenient admittance to quality patient medical care is turning out to be all the more strategically testing and costly, yet visual cooperation and the joining with distant medical conclusion hardware makes sense…. that’s all there is to it!

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